tech trends Dell expects to see in 2022

Tech Kiwari | Dell expects advancements in 5G, edge and cybersecurity technologies for this year, along with improvements in data management.

Dell Technologies Ireland has released its technology for 2022, with growing cybersecurity, 5G and leading technologies on the list.

The company five forecasts last year included smart computers for 2021, "clouded" mobile networks and a technology focus on economic recovery.


He believes there is an increasing reliance on data management after Covid-19, with 41 percent of Irish businesses saying they have significantly increased the amount of data they need.

Jason Ward, general manager of Dell Ireland, said: “We believe that by looking ahead and identifying future IT challenges, business leaders can overcome the barriers to digital transformation and remain resilient, competitive and sustainable over the long term.”

1. Greater focus on cybersecurity

Covid-19 has created a worldwide dependency on technology and has fueled a growth in cyberattacks, making cybersecurity more important than ever.

Dell believes that cybersecurity will no longer be seen by organizations as an “additional extra” and will be embedded in the structure of all IT systems, from supply chains to infrastructure and devices.

2. A milestone for 5G connectivity

Dell has described it as the digital fabric of our data-driven age, saying that next year will “be a milestone for the pervasive connectivity provided by 5G.”

This could see the rise of “digital cities” with new smart mobility services such as autonomous vehicles and 5G connected scooters. We may also see an increase in private 5G networks for businesses in the manufacturing and logistics industries.

“This heralds a new era of private connectivity for businesses, providing more data-driven insights and real-time business decisions,” Dell added.

3. Opportunities at the edge

Dell believes organizations will seek to act on data closer to where it was created with the latest technology. Fueled by the rise in 5G, more companies will use edge computing to increase data collection speed to save time.

Dell predicts an increase of 800 in applications at the edge by 2024 as data management becomes a new class of workload due to high volumes of data traffic.

4. Technology as a service

IT infrastructure in businesses around the world has been unable to keep up with the growth of technology as 83% of companies around the world use outdated systems.

Dell believes Irish businesses will deliver their IT needs remotely 'as a service'. International Data Corporation also estimates that half of the data center infrastructure will be used for this purpose by 2024. Dell MD Ward believes this model will help companies “turn data payload into data advantage.”

5. Focus on Sustainability

As the world becomes more aware of its climate commitments, Dell believes emerging technology will be designed to tackle sustainability challenges.

It awaits technology announcements such as more efficient farming practices enabled by AI and advanced robotics combined with 5G to combat water pollution.

Dell also said that tech companies will turn the focus to their own practices to “achieve industry-specific sustainability goals.”

Digital transformation

Dell Ireland said there was a "data explosion" due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and this is expected to increase further in 2022. But Dell also warns there are "complex challenges" for companies that collect large amounts of data.

The 2020 Digital Transformation Index stated that 70 percent of businesses are collecting data faster than they can use it, but almost 60 percent of companies are not coming close to meeting their digital transformation goals.

Dell also noted that 63 percent of companies in Ireland see their business as data-driven, but only 20 percent say they prioritize data use.

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