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Why Dell cyber security unit sells RSA for 2 billion? 

TechKiwari - Dell Technologies company acquires cybersecurity unit RSA by Symphony Technologies Group. The sale is reported to be $2.08 million.


RSA, which invented the data system in 1982, takes part in the domestic project planning and its own project, which is involved in the cyber security project. With over 12,500 attendees, RSA has clients at the world's largest cybersecurity conferences.

The consortium, led by RSA's bidder Symphony Technologies Group, includes a pension fund and private equity fund Alpinevest Partners. The group sees it as a great opportunity to finish the RSA body, which will be our goal that comes with digitization.

Dell Technologies plans to simplify this sales job description and product portfolio. It is expected to be included in the automated and smart system for the protection of the company's system system, platform and documents.

RSA was acquired by EMC in 2006. EMC was acquired by Dell Technologies in 2015

The average value of end-of-generation data is 914 thousand dollars! According to the opinion reports of EMC with 2200 IT administrations in 18 countries, the losses related to the incidents are increasing day by day.

Here's why Dell's cybersecurity unit sells RSA for 2 billion

Applicable to up to 2200 worldwide, succumbing to EMC's global Data Protection Index 2016. So, according to people who do, are they new generation threats to reality and practices for preparations against these threats?

Disruptive Hacker players

keyboard message, lock

About 36 of the facilities for research are being verified to or from apparently apparently. It is something that needs to be thought about to be gained in order to avoid sudden data. What happens in even the best-protected systems is almost immediately reversible.

data in the cloud

According to the research, it has no protection against an attack in the cloud against either of its companies. In addition, there is no factor against the type of data in deletion on the cloud. Because it is thought to be all about the security of the cloud. However, while measuring data accuracy, clinical planning of the cloud ecosystem should also be considered. Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions also require periodic backups, as with EMC Spanning.

Protection of data stored in Flash media

Research is relative, 73 percent of the data security solution does not rely as much on the more comprehensive and performance-oriented treatment available from Flash storage. Backups with 10 times faster technology storage and 20 times faster rebuild times can reach the highest performance targets with ProtectPoint, using EMC, which explains 2016 in the most efficient way in terms of cost and performance in the Flash period.

The EMC Global Data Protection Index 2016 was four out of 5. The new generation life to be played by the data will be reviewed with 9 thousand taxes and 14 will be spent.

Businesses should resort to their preferences in order to continue with these practices as they are traditional threats, as well as to be against the next generation threats.

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