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Cool Instances of Using the Internet of Things About Us

Techkiwari - The moments are expanding quickly because of the presence of progressively advanced technology daily. There are constantly new technologies produced to earn human work easier. Proof of the development of an progressively advanced era is the presence of the internet about us. Without us recognizing it, the application of the internet of things has gone along with our lives.


The presence of the Internet of things (IoT) is very useful in assisting our work. Therefore, many things are produced with IoT. In truth, the exploration of various objects with IoT technology is the focus of present technical developments.

What is the Internet of Things?

To obtain to know him better, let's first determine what the Internet of Things is. Basically, IoT is a system that exists on an item or objects that can transmit information over a network without the help of human-to-human or human-to-computer communication. Essentially, the equipment objects that we use often are incorporated right into the information network on a continuous basis.

IoT certainly has its own qualities that differentiate it from various other kinds of technology. These qualities are found in the aspects, specifically sensing units, small devices, and connection.

1. Sensing unit

Certainly, this is the greatest differentiator in between the internet of things and various other kinds of technology. Sensing units can evaluate and specify a tool so that objects with IoT technology become more energetic and incorporated with the real life. Sensing units can also provide information to users about certain things. Instances of sensing units in IoT are motion sensing units, sound sensing units, air others, and sensing units.

2. Connection

The internet certainly has various networks connected to it. All these networks are connected to the current IoT item system, so that they can produce more efficient work and help the lives of their users. Because IoT also has information systems, there's no very prominent connection for trading information.

3. Small Dimension Device

Technology not just produces more advanced systems, but also smaller sized devices. What's the point otherwise to earn it more efficient and easy to use by people. Make indisputable, small devices can improve, improve and versatility of IoT systems in them.

What are some instances of Internet of Things Applications?

We have often used internet of things applications. When we prefer to use a QR Code rather than inputting in the URL of the website we want to visit, that consists of IoT. In Indonesia, there are currently several internet of things applications. Here's an instance.

1. Wise Fridge

Yes, the devices used to store and protect food have executed the internet of things system. What makes it various from a traditional fridge? Wise refrigerators have sensing units that can see the stock of food and beverages in it via the touch screen. While in the store, a function on the wise refrigerator will let us know which items in the refrigerator run out stock so we can find out.

2. Jakarta One Card

Jakartans can be happy. The factor is, the Jakarta One Card that's owned currently supports IoT technology. The card produced by Financial institution DKI is an integration of digital ID cards, BPJS, and payment tools when shopping. They do not need to gather many cards in their wallets, because solutions in Jakarta such as MRT, Transjakarta buses, and also local houses can just be accessed with this magic card.

3. Bus Suroboyo

Not just Jakarta, Surabaya also has objects that are facilitated by IoT technology, specifically the Suroboyo Bus. Taking mass transit is easier, they simply need to check the QR code when they go to the quit. Arek-arek Suroboyo can find out the nearest bus position, path, and schedule. Another wonder that the Suroboyo Bus has is having the ability to change the red light to green when passing.

4. Wise Home

IoT technology is also useful in preserving home security through an innovation called Wise Home. The sensing unit in this innovation can spot any task that's performed inside and outside the home, also noticeable ones. Wise Home must first be connected to WiFi so that it can work efficiently, also assisting to shut the fencing if the residents slouch to move.

5. Wise Bike

Have you ever seen a bike equipped with a touch screen? That's one instance of the application of IoT in vehicles called Wise Bikes. This electric motor can be controlled through the application, also the security system can be set. Stopping a bike also doesn't need to stress by pushing both brakes,but it can be done with one tap in the app.

6. Auto Sprinkler

Watering plants does not need to bother, it can even be done with an application. This technology has already been used in Jakarta to water some of its gardens. This automatic plant sprinkler will work according to the watering schedule that has been set.

The six applications of the sophisticated internet of things above are very interesting to try, right? Its sophistication greatly helps human work efficiently. Therefore, companies must immediately move to get ready to enter more sophisticated technological developments. Try using the Ad-Ins Mobile application for the convenience of your work. You can also find out the advantages and benefits of the application by submitting a demo to us.

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