Breakthrough HPE GreenLake Cloud Platform with Silicon, Software, and Security Solutions to Support Edge-to-Cloud Migration

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Announces Breakthrough HPE GreenLake Cloud Platform Innovations with Silicon, Software and Security Solutions to Power the Edge-to-Cloud Migration

TechKiwari - As part of its Discover event, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced the industry's most robust and proven end-to-end innovations led by HPE GreenLake's data center, co-hosting facilities, and hybrid cloud that will strengthen hybrid cloud leadership. cloud services platform. corner. Innovations; It covers applications, security, silicon, and software with automated, cloud-native capabilities that can be accomplished in just a few clicks and managed through a unified platform.


The innovations will help customers modernize their workloads by converting them to the cloud operating model, optimize and secure applications from edge to cloud, and process any data regardless of location and benefit for the future.

HPE also announced new HPE GreenLake cloud services that will support critical applications in industries such as 5G, electronic medical records, financial services, data and risk analytics, high-performance computing (HPC), and artificial intelligence (AI).

These innovations reinforce HPE's market leadership in delivering cloud services to customers in data centers, co-hosts or at the edge. With a total contract value of $4.8 billion for the cloud platform, HPE GreenLake has more than 1,200 customers and their customers' service renewal rate is 95 percent. HPE Greenlake is actively offered for sale by more than 900 partners worldwide.

Leading cloud services delivered on-premises with the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform

Leading cloud services delivered on-premises with the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform

HPE was the first company to launch four years ago with the HPE GreenLake cloud platform, which promises to deliver a powerful catalog of applications, software, and workloads, including servers, storage, and cloud-as-a-service on cloud. -premises and on the edge. , networking, container management, and machine learning. In this way, customers had the opportunity to benefit from the agility, simplicity, in-house management, compliance and visibility of the cloud. 

This ideal combination attracted customers and continued to accelerate HPE cloud services. HPE GreenLake increased its annual recurring revenue by 30 percent and its orders by 41 percent in the last quarter of HPE.

HPE President and CEO Antonio Neri said: “Companies today realize that to be successful in their industry, they need a cloud that will enable them to collect, analyze and act on data from anywhere. The HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform enables organizations to harness the power of all their data, regardless of location. 

Our announcements today further expand HPE's leadership in the hybrid cloud market. From silicon, software and security to the workloads organizations rely on to run their businesses, HPE continues to expand the HPE GreenLake cloud platform to help customers accelerate digital transformation and achieve tremendous business results.”

The innovations of the HPE GreenLake cloud platform at the HPE Discover event were listed as follows:

HPE GreenLake Lighthouse: Agile, Cloud-engineered native solution removes complexity from configuration to quickly deliver multiple on-demand cloud services

Customers today need agility and flexibility to quickly deploy and configure different workloads according to dynamic business demands. To meet these dynamic needs, HPE has announced the HPE GreenLake Lighthouse, which provides a seamless, intelligent operational experience to easily run and manage solutions optimized for different workloads.

HPE GreenLake Lighthouse is a secure, cloud-native platform that allows customers to add new cloud services to HPE GreenLake Central with just a few clicks and run them simultaneously in minutes, eliminating the time to order and wait for new configurations. This intelligent platform is built on HPE Ezmeral software to independently optimize different cloud services and workloads and allocate the necessary resources to achieve the best performance, lowest cost, or a balance between the two, depending on business priorities.


Customers can use HPE GreenLake Lighthouse to run cloud services anywhere, in data centers, a colocation facility of their choice, or at the edge.

Project Aurora: The foundation of the HPE GreenLake zero trust architecture

Security from edge to cloud becomes more complex as organizations evolve their architectures to run applications that scale dynamically from data centers to edge points. In addition, attackers are increasingly using advanced exploit techniques. This gives them long-term persistence within the organization and allows them to do harm at will.


HPE is tackling this challenge with Project Aurora, a cloud-native and zero-trust security solution in an edge-to-cloud architecture. Project Aurora is built into the building blocks of the HPE GreenLake cloud platform to continually verify the integrity of hardware, memory, operating systems, platforms and workloads, including security workloads.


Project Aurora's continuous verification capabilities can automatically detect advanced threats from silicon to the cloud in seconds, instead of today's average of 28 days. These capabilities help organizations minimize potential data loss, unauthorized encryption, and damage to valuable data and intellectual property. Project Aurora complements existing security investments to reduce downtime and protect productivity and revenue.


The new initiative is based on HPE's silicon core security technology, which is recognized by cyber insurers to reduce risk. Combined with open source technologies such as Project Aurora, SPIFFE and SPIRE, it enables DevOps and SecDevOps engineering teams to continuously deliver validated hardware-based workload identities.


Project Aurora will first feature in the HPE GreenLake Lighthouse. It will also be embedded in HPE GreenLake cloud services and HPE Ezmeral software in the future to provide a platform-independent way for customers to define, build and deploy an edge-to-cloud zero trust architecture.

Optional silicon: Get CPU core capacity in just a few clicks

HPE is launching an innovative usage and consumption-based pricing model that is optimized at the silicon level to deliver a more granular cloud experience with better metering, reduced buffering time and faster implementation.


HPE offers a first-of-its-kind flexible consumption model, called silicon on demand, developed in partnership with Intel to add new capacity at the processor core and persistent memory level with Intel® Optane™ technology via the HPE GreenLake cloud platform. HPE allows customers to instantly activate additional silicon and pay for more capacity with just a click, eliminating the need to order or install new processors.


Compute Cloud Console: Intuitive automated management as a service for converged computing needs

Many IT teams today continue the approaches they used 20 years ago to monitor and manage computing assets. Over time, this approach has become a complex process that requires automated, unified tools as computing needs increasingly scale with servers and systems that now span beyond the data center and to the edge.


To help manage this complexity with simple and effortless control capabilities, HPE offers unified computing as a service with Compute Cloud Console, an intuitive, cloud-based management service that automates all enterprise computing processes. Based on the HPE GreenLake Cloud Platform, Compute Cloud Console simplifies infrastructure management with a seamless service-oriented experience wherever edge-to-cloud workloads run. Additionally, it automates manual tasks such as procurement and lifecycle management, reducing time to market and eliminating inconsistencies due to human error.

The new Compute Cloud Console builds on HPE's latest innovations to deliver centralized consoles with cloud-native management capabilities. The console is built on proven, secure, AI-powered technologies that power Aruba Central, an engine that serves over one hundred thousand customers and more than one million networked devices. Compute Cloud Console is built on the recently announced Data Services Cloud Console, which provides a cloud-native, software-defined solution for data storage. Similar to Compute Cloud Console, Data Services Cloud Console offers a unified cloud operating model that provides data storage and data services capabilities.

Extended HPE GreenLake Cloud Services to meet major enterprise markets and critical infrastructure needs

HPE also introduced a new catalog of cloud services that customers can easily access with one click using the HPE GreenLake cloud platform. These include cloud services for 5G, electronic medical records, financial services, data and risk analytics, and high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI). For additional details, please visit today's news here.


HPE Lighthouse is now available globally through HPE GreenLake cloud services and through HPE's channel partners.

Project Aurora will be available on HPE GreenLake Lighthouse, HPE GreenLake cloud services, and HPE Ezmeral software platforms later this year.

Optional silicon is available on the HPE GreenLake cloud platform.

Compute Cloud Console is currently available by invitation only to customers in the United States from the HPE GreenLake cloud platform. The feature will be rolled out to customers in other regions later this year.

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