Internet of Things
Situation studies and the future of IoT

Situation studies and the future of IoT

Tech Kiwari | Have you ever listened to the words "IoT"? It's an acronym for words "Internet of Points," and is called the "Internet of Points" in Japanese.

Recently, "IoT" has become a warm subject in a wide variety of markets, but this time around we'll present what "IoT" is, intro future prospects and instances.


What is IoT?

To put it simply, IoT is the idea of ​​connecting various "points" via the Internet. Depending upon the Internet environment, information transmission can be made more efficient, and information drawn out from points can be gathered using sensing units and kept as products for marketing evaluation.

By effectively utilizing the big information gathered by the IoT, the movement to connect to new business opportunities is speeding up.

Target objects encompass vehicles, home appliances, houses and bodies, and while there are many situations where they have currently been presented in acquainted places via mobile phones, and so on., they are typically recognized as "IoT". It can be said that there are very few situations.

Why is the IoT drawing in attention?

The idea of ​​collecting and evaluating a great deal of information through the Internet isn't new at all. The history to the current attention of the IoT is that the environment for gathering and evaluating information has progressed with the moments.

Sensing units are ending up being more advanced and less expensive

It can be said that changes in the environment relates to "sensing units", which are useful for gathering information on "points" that initially have no contact with the Internet, have a great effect on the IoT.

For instance, the bordering temperature level and movement of individuals detected by the present sensing unit technology recognizes automation of air conditioning temperature level setting and wind instructions modification, but by using this to IoT, easier new functions can be accomplished. It's feasible to develop.

However, if the sensing unit itself is expensive, it will be challenging to adopt because of cost problems. Also if it can be adopted, the market price will be high, so it will be challenging to spread out it commonly on the planet.

Among the reasons IoT is drawing in attention nowadays is the miniaturization of cost decrease and sensing units. In purchase to recognize IoT, devices and devices such as high-performance sensing units are required, but the intro of IoT has become a truth because it has become less expensive because of technical advancements.

It has become feasible to build up and analyze large quantities of information using the AI ​​and shadow.

It can be said that the development of information processing techniques has also made it easier to recognize the IoT. The quantity of information handled about us proceeds to increase with the moments. The quantity of information that cannot be kept on individual terminals has become too large to be kept, but since the system called "shadow" was put right into practical use, it has become feasible to efficiently manage a huge quantity of information jointly on a web servers...

Nowadays, dispersed information processing has made it feasible to handle a huge quantity of information, production it is easier to manage big information using IoT securely.

Also, also if you can gather a huge quantity of information, it takes a great deal of effort and time to process it. Expert system (AI) research is underway to accomplish both time labor savings and savings. The speed of information evaluation has become a lot much faster as AI, which makes choices by itself and works while learning sometimes, has started to be used in the real area.

With the accessibility of inexpensive devices for gathering information and the generalization of ways to process the information gathered by those devices quickly and accurately, the IoT has become a practical option for business. It started to be integrated right into marketing strategies.

Typical instances of IoT

After that, in what specific circumstances does our life associate with the IoT?

Instance 1: Evaluating needs with an IC card suitable vending machine to improve sales

As an extremely acquainted instance, did you know that IoT is used for vending devices that can be bought with IC cards? The owner's characteristic information (age, and so on.) can be obtained from an IC card such as a traveler pass. For instance, you can obtain information such as "this vending machine has many more youthful generation users" and "the use rate of women is high".

By building up and evaluating such information, it is feasible to think about items to be cost the vending machine. If it's a vending machine with a high female use rate, you can make items for ladies stand apart, or in locations where there are many functioning individuals, you can try a wide range of coffee kinds and devise strategies in various ways.

Instance 2: Used for everyday health and wellness 

support and healthcare in the clinical area

Information such as high blood pressure is also useful in the health care areas and clinical. There's also a solution that sends out information from a sphygmomanometer or thermostat over the Internet and informs you of the nutritional content and exercise technique that suits your physical problem for the day. As users of the solution gather and analyze detailed individual information, they'll feel as if they are receiving viewpoints from their doctor.

With the increase in the senior population, the demand for IoT intro in the clinical area is expected to increase more and more. Considering that the population of the more youthful generation will decrease, improving clinical solutions using the Internet may be an important point in regards to compensating for the lack of workers.

Instance 3: Decrease the concern on the treatment staff with a movement sensing unit

As the maturing culture progresses, the risk of difficulties because of dementia and so on. will increase, but it is expected that the intro of IoT will decrease the concern on caretakers and treatment staff and decrease the risk of difficulties.

If there's an abnormality such as "leaving bed", the motion sensing unit will inform you instantly, so you can prevent difficulties such as dropping or roaming, as well as decrease the psychological concern on the treatment staff. IoT is also an innovation that will support Japan in the future.

Future form by IoT

If we can gather information from various points, it is expected that the social environment will change significantly in the future. As the variety of information to be evaluated increases in percentage to the further spread out of IoT, the processing speed will increase significantly as the learning precision of expert system increases.

Not just acquainted items such as home appliances and vehicles, but all facilities relates to gas and electrical power may have the ability to receive, transmit information and analyze.

Taking facilities equipment such as roadways as an instance, there are many circumstances where IoT is considered to work, such as preventing traffic accidents and reducing traffic jam by strengthening sensing units. By installing IoT technology in vehicles, it may be feasible to prevent speed infractions.

A system that cooperates with a wearable incurable worn by people to read information such as the driver's pulse and taking a breath and helps in safe driving is also possible.

How to utilize IoT, not simply points

The target of IoT can be broadened not just to points and individuals, but also to all-natural phenomena. If you can spot erosions and quake information well, you'll have the ability to take various catastrophe avoidance measures. Also if the all-natural catastrophe itself cannot be quit, damage can be reduced by efficiently transmitting information.

It's no exaggeration to say that the IoT can be used to everything on the planet we live in. Depending upon the idea, many solutions that make life practical will be developed.

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